lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008

Las mejores fotos de la historia

Las imagenes no son recuerdos, son voces que lleva el viento


1. Afghan Girl [1984] Steve McCurry, 2. Stricken child crawling towards a food camp [1994] Kevin Carter, 3.The Power of One [2007] Oded Balilty 4.Conrad Schumann [1961] 5.The youngest mother [1939] Edmundo Escomel, 6.Burning Monk - The Self-Immolation [1963] Malcolm Browne 7.The plight of Kosovo refugees [1999] Carol Guzy 8.Reichstag flag [1945] Yevgeny Khaldei 9.Tiananmen Square [1989] Stuart Franklin 10.Larger then life [2004] George Steinmetz 11.Segregated Water Fountains [1950] Elliott Erwitt, 12.Omaha Beach, Normandy, France [1944] Robert Capa 13. Face off during the Oka Crisis [1990] Shaney Komulainen 14.Abbey Road [1969] Ian MacMillan 15.Lunch atop a Skyscraper [1932] Charles C. Ebbets, 16.Palestinian martyr [2000] 17.Albert Einstein [1951] Arthur Sasse, 18.Rue Mouffetard, Paris 1954 Henri Cartier-Bresson, 19.Fire on Marlborough Street [1975] Stanley J. Forman, 20. Oklahoma City Bombing [1995] Charles Porter, 21.The last Jew in Vinnitsa [1941] Unknown, 22.Dragging a vietcong soldier [1965] unknown, 23.The man falling [2001] Richard Drew, 24.Born Twice [1999] Max Aguilera-Hellweg, 25.Stopping Time [1964]Harold Edgerton, 26. Jeffrey Pine, Sentinel Dome Ansel Adams. 27.Conference of the Big Three [1945] Unknown 28.Sequence of a race horse galloping [1887]Eadward Muybridge.

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